Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Church ball... Not just for men!

Brandon loves basketball. He loves watching it (all the time!) and playing it when church ball starts every winter. I like to show off my skills to him by acting like I know it all when we're watching the Jazz by yelling at the players to play better "D" and commenting on nice plays. Brandon also knows that I'm a fairly aggressive person and has this image in his head that I used to be like an Allstate baller back in the day. Anyone who played with me back then (has it really been 10 years?) knows this isn't true but I did play with a lot of heart and loved the game for a long time but ultimately gave it up cold turkey when it wasn't fun anymore. Well...I was at one of Brandon's church ball games and some of the other wives were talking about the women's league. I thought it was an interesting idea but wasn't sure if I had enough confidence. Fast forward a week...Brandon goes to another game but I decide to stay home and finish watching bachelor. He leaves the house all droopy...next thing I know I get a text saying I have a game right after his and he's already told them I'm coming! So I hurry and get ready and run out the door to meet him cause I know I can't disappoint! I get there and have to make sure that my teammates and I have a plan (which no one really stuck to) and hit the court. My biggest fear is that I'm going to hurt someone...needless to say, I think I fouled more than any other girl on both teams! It was super fun, but totally exhausting (totally different then running 3 miles on the treadmill!). I seriously thought I might pass out after sprinting the whole 1st quarter! The best part about it was watching Brandon cheer me on and having the biggest smile on his face when I made a shot! Definitely not a teenager anymore but still love the game!

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