Thursday, March 1, 2012


I am a fan of sleep. I seriously love it. Not sure how I survived so long without it during my college days. Seriously, just thinking of going to bed at midnight (which was once considered early) is a nightmarish thought!

When I first started dating Brandon we would stay up for hours talking on the phone. About a month or so into the relationship, Brandon made a goal to get up early and go to the gym every morning. This goal not only changed his life but mine as my bedtime became 10pm if not earlier. With that it has led to some complications in our marriage.

When Brandon head hits the pillow he falls asleep in minutes. I on the other hand taking a lot longer. Maybe it's because I can't turn my thoughts off, but whatever the reason it takes me about 1-2 hours to actually fall asleep. My whole life I have read before falling asleep but this is an issue because my significant other needs it to be "pitch". Brandon then wakes up earlier then I do and doesn't understand why I can't get up. I seriously don't know why either. I just can't. I remember being in elementary school and my parents going through extremes to get me out of bed. I hated it!! Nowadays I struggle waking up because a. my body doesn't want to yet and b. I'm having a really good dream.

In my perfect world I would probably wake up every day between 9 and 10am. I know this will never be a reality. I literally fear the day when I have kids and they are crying because mommy wants to sleep! I have no idea how I will cope!!!

On another note, I have absolutely NO IDEA how people wake up at 5am and go to the gym. Every time I swear I'm going to it never happens when the alarm goes off. Brandon actually offered to pay me $100 a week to exercise before work 3 times a week. I did it for one morning. BUT, I will say, after the fact that Brandon said it was way harder then he was expecting...cause of course I made him come with me.

Awwww, sleep. I choose you.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Church ball... Not just for men!

Brandon loves basketball. He loves watching it (all the time!) and playing it when church ball starts every winter. I like to show off my skills to him by acting like I know it all when we're watching the Jazz by yelling at the players to play better "D" and commenting on nice plays. Brandon also knows that I'm a fairly aggressive person and has this image in his head that I used to be like an Allstate baller back in the day. Anyone who played with me back then (has it really been 10 years?) knows this isn't true but I did play with a lot of heart and loved the game for a long time but ultimately gave it up cold turkey when it wasn't fun anymore. Well...I was at one of Brandon's church ball games and some of the other wives were talking about the women's league. I thought it was an interesting idea but wasn't sure if I had enough confidence. Fast forward a week...Brandon goes to another game but I decide to stay home and finish watching bachelor. He leaves the house all thing I know I get a text saying I have a game right after his and he's already told them I'm coming! So I hurry and get ready and run out the door to meet him cause I know I can't disappoint! I get there and have to make sure that my teammates and I have a plan (which no one really stuck to) and hit the court. My biggest fear is that I'm going to hurt someone...needless to say, I think I fouled more than any other girl on both teams! It was super fun, but totally exhausting (totally different then running 3 miles on the treadmill!). I seriously thought I might pass out after sprinting the whole 1st quarter! The best part about it was watching Brandon cheer me on and having the biggest smile on his face when I made a shot! Definitely not a teenager anymore but still love the game!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Blogging is the hardest thing ever! I don't know how people (like Amanda) do it so frequently. Just wanted say yes I'm embarrassed that I restart and drop off every few years... :/ I'll forget about it until someone brings it up and says they look at it every so often to see if it will ever revive.

Well, today is Valentine's Day. I'm super excited because Brandon is really prepared...bought tickets a week ago to see "The Vow" tonight and has a reservation at Lone Star Steakhouse. I didn't really do anything too cute-sy for him...we got tickets to the Jazz game on Friday from my boss (2nd row!) and Brandon freaked out and loved it so much that I figured it kinda counted to make me a good wife on Valentine's...I also bought him two Jazz hats (cause let's be honest, the guy couldn't pick just one!) Anyway, this is our third Valentine's together, but our first one being married. It really does make it kind special. I honestly can't believe we have been married for almost a year!

If you are reading this, thanks for caring. If you're lucky I'll post in not a few years ;)

Miss Leia

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tis the Season for Red Nails

Sometime in this past year I got on this nail polish kick. It's almost like a new hobby of mine.... I'm pretty sure I was slightly influenced by my roommate Amber who would paint her nails religiously every week. Sometimes on my breaks at the mall I happen to end up in Trade Secret captivated by all the pretty OPI's kinda how I am staring at the MAC eyeshadow display! I always have the hardest time picking one color to leave with...KC used to coach me through my decisions by telling me what would make the most sense with my wardrobe :) Anyways...I am in love with OPI's new holiday line. My first purchase was a glittery new years eve purple called Merry Midnight and most recently I broke down and bought a sparkly holiday red called Smitten with Mittens. No buyers remorse here. Go check up out for yourself so we can all be festive together.

P.S. Did you know there are blogs dedicated to nail polish?! Ha! Love it.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Dating Advice from Miss Lauren

Lauren: I think that you should just go out with tons of people over the next five months. Sure you will have to go out with a lot of weirdies but your probability of meeting someone nice will go up too.

Leia: I hate the weirdies.

Lauren: That's what I did. I would give everyone at least a chance.

Leia: Like when you went out with B**** from our freshman ward?!

Lauren: Yeah, I totally had to pretend like I was sick to skip out early on that one. He kept breathing on me and whispering in my ear. Ew.

A Text Conversation from Amy
To brief you on this, Amy asked me a few weeks ago if she could set me up with one of her husband's friends.

Amy: Hey Sweetie! Did you have a good thanksgiving? BTW P**** said he’s having a hard time trying to get a hold of you.

Leia: That's probably because I'm hard to get ahold of because of my work schedule, and I screen my calls and don't check my messages.

No wonder my parents are concerned.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


You know you're awesome when a guy calls to ask you out and you forget his name before you even hang up the phone but are too embarrassed to ask! I totally had to write his aunt a facebook message to find out!! Gosh, I love my life! LOL.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's Your Hobby?

I met the one of the coolest, most extreme ladies today while working at the Buckle. It all started with skinny jeans and led to a full on wardrobing session! She told me she needed some help picking out outfits for a few speaking engagements that she had coming up. I asked her what it was for and she said I was going to laugh. Turns out she has been nominated as one of the top ten huntresses in the world…yes huntresses! Since my dad is a bow hunter I have some familiarity with the subject and know how hardcore you have to be. I’m definitely not that hardcore…I know, shocker! Her name is Rebecca Francis and she also loves to fly planes, works as a dental hygienist, and has eight kids! Not to mention, she is adorable!! You can read her clever bio and vote for her to win Huntress of the Year by clicking here. She’s in second place right now!