Tuesday, January 27, 2009

{The Last Few Days}

Lyndie, Amber and I decided to go to a church dance this past Friday. The last one I went to with Amber was back in September and totally felt like a stake dance from junior high. This one was actually a lot of fun. I haven't had roommates in like six months and it's been a refreshing change the last couple of weeks.

My Buckle team also got together on Sunday for a team party. Now that we are through inventory and the holiday season we were all ready for a little bit of fun.

Today, I got to meet up with my good old friend Matt Critchfield for lunch. He flew in to SoCal for a grad school interview. We met up for lunch and then hung out at the local mall until he had to go catch his flight. I was able to show him demonstrate some of my fashion knowledge as we walked through the mall and I picked a few clothes out for him. He was a good sport and actually bought a few things... :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

{A Crazy Week}

So this last week was pretty crazy for me. I ended up getting sick...again. Woke up on Sunday morning and tried to counteract the oncoming sore throat with little success...Monday morning I could barely talk. I had inventory for my store on Wednesday and managed to work through the entire thing. Luckily everything went really smooth and we finished just after 1am :) My mom flew in Friday afternoon to help me pack and move into my new apartment with Amber and Lyndie. We also managed to squeeze in pedicures and a movie. The move went really smooth. A couple of amazing guys from my ward helped with all the heavy lifting. My mom and I then ventured to Burbank to visit IKEA. It was the worst idea ever. I felt like we were apart of a herd of cattle going through a maze. Once we finally managed to get out there and get home I realized we had bought a king size comforter for my bed instead of a queen! So we had to go back! The exchange took no shorter than an hour to get the replacement. I recommend avoiding that particular location at all costs. On Sunday, my mom and I went to Long Beach to visit with one of her long lost childhood friends she just recently reconnected with after 20 something years. It was really cool to hear all their stories about my mom growing up and adventures they had together in college. Although it was fun to have my mom in town for a bit, I was ready for the new week to start to get back to some sort of routine. Now that inventory and the move is over I'm ready for a fresh start to this new year! Oh, and I love my apartment. It's right across the street from the mall, so it takes me like five minutes to get to work :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

{Happy Birthday Catty}

Cat always does a birthday shout out on her blog for all of her friends. Since today is her birthday, I thought I do one for her.

A couple things about Cat:
  • She is HILARIOUS
  • She loves all things vintage
  • She has good taste in music
  • She's a crafter
  • She is bound to make millions of dollars with all the business ideas she is always coming up with
  • She's really good at jokes
Happy 24th Cat! You're like a real adult now...leaving Provo behind for the big bad SLC

{MEK Denim}

So my team won this MEK competition during the holiday season where we sold more MEK jeans then any other Buckle store of our similar volume. Our winnings included a free pair of MEK jeans for every teammate. To say the least, everyone was super duper stoked. I collected my winnings (the Frankfurt in case you're interested) and came home to my closet full of Buckle jeans. I realize that I have seven...yes seven...pairs of MEK jeans. I have brown and black and several shades of blue. I could wear a different pair every day of the week. To make sure I wasn't insane, I texted my friend Chris (who also works at Buckle) and asked her how many MEK jeans she has...her reply, only three. You would think they were my favorite brand...but their not. You'd think that they were the only jeans I own...but their not. I will not tell you exactly how many jeans I own in fear of my dad reading this and telling me I could clothe Africa again, but it's a lot. I think I need one of those rotating closets like in Clueless to make sure all my clothes get equal wearing time.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

{A Fresh Start}

So, I guess my old blog exploded into cyberspace or something. I had finally started to post again after several months on hiatus and suddenly I couldn't log in anymore. My dad just called and left a message on my phone saying that it was gone...sorry. No worries. I'll just start fresh. I promise to make a conscious effort to post fairly frequently so you can all keep up with my daily adventures. My life is fairly exciting. I wake up. Put on some make up. Brush my hair. Find shoes to match my outfit. Go to work. Solve problems all day long. Come home. Sleep. Repeat. I do have funny things that tend to happen to me. The bummer is, most of my close friends that would appreciate the humorous jokes and stories are back home in Utah and don't have the luxury to speak with me everyday ;) Well, hopefully this narrows the gap. Enjoy the reading.

P.S. This a pic of my haircut that I promised Leandra a couple weeks ago...oops!