Monday, November 30, 2009


Dating Advice from Miss Lauren

Lauren: I think that you should just go out with tons of people over the next five months. Sure you will have to go out with a lot of weirdies but your probability of meeting someone nice will go up too.

Leia: I hate the weirdies.

Lauren: That's what I did. I would give everyone at least a chance.

Leia: Like when you went out with B**** from our freshman ward?!

Lauren: Yeah, I totally had to pretend like I was sick to skip out early on that one. He kept breathing on me and whispering in my ear. Ew.

A Text Conversation from Amy
To brief you on this, Amy asked me a few weeks ago if she could set me up with one of her husband's friends.

Amy: Hey Sweetie! Did you have a good thanksgiving? BTW P**** said he’s having a hard time trying to get a hold of you.

Leia: That's probably because I'm hard to get ahold of because of my work schedule, and I screen my calls and don't check my messages.

No wonder my parents are concerned.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


You know you're awesome when a guy calls to ask you out and you forget his name before you even hang up the phone but are too embarrassed to ask! I totally had to write his aunt a facebook message to find out!! Gosh, I love my life! LOL.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's Your Hobby?

I met the one of the coolest, most extreme ladies today while working at the Buckle. It all started with skinny jeans and led to a full on wardrobing session! She told me she needed some help picking out outfits for a few speaking engagements that she had coming up. I asked her what it was for and she said I was going to laugh. Turns out she has been nominated as one of the top ten huntresses in the world…yes huntresses! Since my dad is a bow hunter I have some familiarity with the subject and know how hardcore you have to be. I’m definitely not that hardcore…I know, shocker! Her name is Rebecca Francis and she also loves to fly planes, works as a dental hygienist, and has eight kids! Not to mention, she is adorable!! You can read her clever bio and vote for her to win Huntress of the Year by clicking here. She’s in second place right now!

Monday, November 9, 2009

From a Diet Coke Addict

New Addiction = Diet Pomegranate 7up

I was visiting Bryce and Julie in Vegas recently and they let me in on this little secret.... They'll probably be ticked that I'm passing it on to you. Limited during this holiday season, so stock up!

Tasteful Tatters

Alright guys! I know you are all going to obsess over my friend Emilee's crafts. Please check out her etsy store to see all her amazing pieces! Click here to shop!
You can also follow her blog, A Commentary here

Friday, November 6, 2009

Bad Hair Day?!

I’ve been a little under the weather for the past few days and decided that it was finally time to make an attempt at getting ready. I call up Amanda and ask her to go to lunch with me and proceed to jump into the shower while I’m thinking out my outfit for the day. I decide I want to use my new bag that I got in the fashion district in LA…so of course I’m planning out the corresponding items. I’m digging through my laundry basket of clean tops to find a particular black shirt…I can’t find it and resort to the second option. I’m blow drying my hair when I notice a huge stain over the chest area. My first thought is maybe I wore it around a baby (that may have thrown up on me) and forgot to wash it but I know I haven’t worn this particular shirt in…well…months to maybe a year… So I take off the shirt and to get a better look at the stain only to get a whiff of the toxic smell…yuck. I know the target but bring it to my dad to suspect. Yep, a silky black kitty peed on my shirt. I’m pissed…I mean PISSED. Of course I cannot retaliate against the feline in front of witnesses. So I’m swarming about my room trying to figure out what shirt to wear only to find out that EVERYTHING smells of lovely cat urine. YAY. I’m all about in tears throwing my clothes in the hall in a complete tantrum…so what that I’m 24 years old. I find a top that is clean but it’s definitely not my favorite. As I get back to doing my hair I all but give up on the frizzy mess and throw it into a ponytail….you know it’s a bad hair day when my hair is in a ponytail. I hurry and do my make up and I’m looking at myself in the mirror so sad. I look atrocious. Awful. Here I planned to have a regular cute day out and about with my new bag and now that bag doesn’t even match my outfit. Luckily, Amanda and the boys don’t care and can deal with the ugliness.

P.S. I’m planning a revenge against the nine pound black kitty cat